What is Casa Patas?

What is Casa Patas?

Casa Patas is a tavern-restaurant and a flamenco tablao located in the center of Madrid that is considered as a reference point of the World of Flamenco.

It is a unique establishment that appropriately combines a select gastronomic offer, based on the excellent products and recipes of traditional Spanish cuisine, with a varied program of live flamenco shows of the highest quality.

It has two large rooms: the tavern restaurant and the tablao flamenco. The first one, with direct access from Calle de los Cañizares, as well as the area for meals and a la carte dinners, includes a large bar where you can enjoy the brief art of our cuisine: tapas. The second, located at the back of the premises, behind a door, hosts daily flamenco shows and also serves food and drinks.

The customer of Casa Patas can choose the services that they want to use and combine them according to their taste, convenience or need. So that you can make use exclusively of the bar, the restaurant or the tablao, or the bar or the restaurant and then the tablao. All imaginable combinations are possible.

The usual clientele of Casa Patas is composed of private clients and organized groups of individuals, companies or institutions. For groups, Casa Patas has an offer specially adapted to their needs and particularly managed, with various menus and other services, such as exclusive shows or workshops, and with the possibility of making private use of certain spaces, both Casa Patas, As of The Singer Café of the "Casa Patas" Foundation, located on the upper floors of the same building.

The prestige of Casa Patas is based on the quality of the products and services it has been offering for more than three decades and today it is recognized nationally and internationally.

The quality of our gastronomic offer is based on a good selection of processed products and raw materials, as well as the choice and careful preparation of the best traditional recipes that make up our menu. Spanish cuisine, which fully participates in the cuisine of Casa Patas, is naturally included in The Mediterranean Diet, which has been recognized as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

The Flamenco finds in Casa Patas one of its places of worship. As good fans of this Art, recognized as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, in Casa Patas we take Flamenco very seriously. This leads us to be highly demanding in our criteria of selection of the artists who lead the shows, who are always excellent professionals, as well as to take care of the first and the conditions in which the latter are developed. In this sense, it is extremely important to offer the shows in an independent room, with characteristics similar to those of a small theater, which favor an attentive and respectful attitude on the part of the audience, which the artist values ​​very positively. The variety of our programming is another important feature. Every week a different artists, a new spectacle, which contributes to guarantee the freshness in the interpretation and to increase the motivation of the musicians, the cantaores and the bailaores.

To all of the above is added the fact that Casa Patas is, from its origins, a meeting point of Flemish artists established in the capital and those who are passing, which favors the usual presence of artists in the tablao, Between the demanding amateur and the general public, a fact that sensitively stimulates the artists who are on stage, which usually results in authentic magical nights of duende and pinch.

Casa Patas was honored by the Community of Madrid in 2009 with the "Enrique Maya" award, for its contribution to the development and dissemination of Flamenco Art, as well as for its continued work in favor of the integration of the Gypsy People.

info@casapatas.com    C/ Cañizares, 10, 28012 MADRID   Tlf.- 00 34 91 369 04 96

“Casa Patas cierra definitivamente sus puertas,
cesando en sus actividades de hostelería
y espectáculos públicos de Flamenco”


“Lamentamos profundamente las consecuencias
negativas que esta decisión, obligada por
las circunstancias generadas a nivel
mundial por la pandemia del Covid-19,
haya podido ocasionar”


“Agradecemos encarecidamente todas las
muestras de pesar que ha provocado
la noticia, y todo el reconocimiento,
la solidaridad y el apoyo recibidos”


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